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Who We Are

Krissy Marchewka, creator of the Girls' Empowerment course, had a vision to create a non-profit organization to provide education to the girls of her local community, specifically regarding the struggles girls and women face in today’s society. 


With this vision and experience witnessing the negative impacts of domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying in the community, she founded Empowerment XIV in 2022 to give this population the strength, confidence, and knowledge to navigate difficult situations. Issues such as social media, bullying, dating, red-flags in relationships, and confidence are addressed through classes, courses, and seminars in a safe environment and tailored to the ages and experiences of students. 



Founder & Lead Instructor

Krissy began her Krav Maga training in 2022 under David Kahn and trains monthly at the Cherry Hill, NJ training center. She is on track for certification and affiliation in June 2023. 

In June of 2022, she started a non-profit organization, Empowerment XIV, to offer classes and courses to the local and surrounding community.

In 2011, she graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutritional Health as a coach with a background in Psychology and Holistic Nutrition. She has also dedicated her time to numerous trainings in order to best assist and advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault 

Krissy brings her 16 years of self-defense training, 3rd degree black belt, and background in MMA and kickboxing to Empowerment XIV. She spent ten years as an instructor and co-owner at Evolution Self-Defense 


Through her own personal experiences, working one on one with clients and running group sessions as a health couch, she mastered the psychology of change and how to help people learn to act on their own behalf. She carried that experience into self-defense training and designed a curriculum specially designed to train females to act instinctively. She has made it her life’s mission to help females become safe, feel valued, and thrive.


Her classes are based on realistic scenarios and situational awareness, building trusting relationships, teaching healthy relationship goals, and are then paired with self-defense to empower females to feel strong mentally and physically. The program is ever-evolving to adapt and address new threats and new landscape of society. She also offers workshops and seminars, tailored to the specific needs of small groups, businesses, and organizations.


Megan Edwards

President, Operations Coordinator, Instructor-in-Training

Megan brings a graphic design, technical background and experience working with various companies and non-profits to Empowerment XIV. She has offered her support to local school districts, non-profit sports organizations, semi-professional sports organizations, restaurants, retail locations. 


After befriending Krissy, Megan began to learn about the mission and curriculum of Empowerment XIV and offered assistance on a casual level. The more Megan learned, the more she connected with the mission and wanted to be a more active part in bringing this program to the community. 


Megan graciously accepted the position of President on Empowerment XIV’s Board of Directors while managing behind-the-scenes and administrative tasks. 


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Alexis Marchewka

Assistant Instructor

Alexis is a National Honors Society student that brings four years of junior instructor training to Empowerment XIV. She attended Evolution Self-Defense for ten years and has a year of kickboxing experience.


Her favorite class to assist with is Girls' Empowerment, where she feels she can make the most positive impact.  

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