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You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem,
smarter than you think.

Be Aware, Not Afraid

Our mission is to empower women and children, instilling in them the strength, independence, and skills essential for navigating life effectively. Our ultimate goal is to diminish instances of domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying in all manifestations. While our program's foundation is centered on empowering females, we acknowledge and wholeheartedly commit to addressing the unique educational and social challenges faced by our youth community, ensuring our organization evolves to meet their specific needs.

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DAXIV has award winning teachers who love what they do! Their teachers are professionals, for whom dance has been a passion and a calling their whole lives. They are only studio locally to offer National Honor Society of Dance Arts and scholarship opportunities.They offer tons of performance opportunities with a competition team, local performance team, and a variety of events to perform in while offering a wide range of classes for your child to choose from.




Evermore Artistry offers beautiful photography and videography and specializes in capturing life's unscripted moments. The client reviews speak for themselves, but from Empowerment XIV's experience, Beth, owner and photographer, is a joy to work with and her work truly encapsulates the moments she seeks to capture. Check out her work across our page as well as her portfolio on her website! 

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